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Porta John® Manufactures the Only ADA Compliant Ground Level Lavatory Building That Can Be Both Temporary and/or Permanent Used Indoors or Outdoors
ADA Compliant Lavatory Building Includes
Patents Issued and Pending

Ceramic Fixtures - Fresh Water Hand Wash - Fresh Water Toilet Flush - Dual Mirrors - Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser - 110v Electricity - 9" Toilet Tissue Dispenser - Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser - Paddle Handle Use Indicator Door Handle - Paddle Handled Sink Faucets -  Motion Sensor for the Safety Light and Exhaust Fan -   1" FRP Pebbled Aluminum Encapsulated Walls - ADA Sink - Smoke Detector - 36" Door With Four Heavy Duty Hinges - Inside Privacy Lock - ADA Toilet with ADA Seat -  Two Grab Bars - Removable Wood Base For Shipping - Coin Vinyl Flooring - Waste Basket - Clothes Hooks - Sanitary Napkin Disposal Container - Supply of Consumables

Front Exterior View
Front Interior View
Rear Exterior View
Inside View
Handicapped Single Stall
Stand Alone 
ADA Compliant Lavatory


The single stall handicap toilet can be connected to a garden hose or water tank for the water source. Waste disposal can be our holding tank or a septic or sewer system.

Ground Level Drawing
Top View Drawing

The Model 7777 is ADA Compliant and will also allow a person in a wheelchair to use the lavatory building with assistance.

Handicapped Lavatory  Stall as Part of a  Multiple Stall Lavatory Building

The multiple stall lavatory building can have any stall configuration - women's, men's, ADA Compliant or combination stall. The women's stall is often combined with an ADA compliant stall. This allows women with small children the room to render assistance to their children.


In addition, these stalls meet the regularory requirements for ADA lavatory facilities.

Men's, Women's, Family Restroom, Shower, Handicap, Unisex,
No Flush Urinal (with Supplies for 10,000 uses) -  Encapsulated Exhaust Fan - Exterior Back Wall Plumbing and Wiring - Excelerator Electric Hand Dryer - No Touch Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser -  Tankless Hot Water Heater - 4" Steel Base with Encapsulated Tine Ports - Baseboard Heater - Water or Waste Holding Tanks - Air Conditioning - Water Pressure Pump - Upgraded Electrical Service
 Your Answers To The Questions Below Will Help Us To Meet Your Needs Cost Efficiently

Do you have a water source?

Do you have electricity available on site?

Will you need an electric water pressure pump?

Do you require showers? No

Do you require Air Conditioning? 

Will you need Hot Water (110v. Hand Wash  220V. Shower)?

Will you need a water tank?

Are you able to hook-up to a sewer  (mains) or septic tank?

Will you need waste holding tanks?

Will you require handicapped lavatory facilities? Yes

How many people will use the lavatory (shower) facility daily?

Will you be relocating the lavatory facilities?

Do you have any space or size restrictions?

Do you require heavy duty (1” walls – aluminum corners) stalls? Yes

Do you require a heated water hose for cold weather use? (25 or 50 foot Length)

Will the lavatory be used inside or outdoors?

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