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Fresh Water Flush

It Is Possible to Get a Fresh Water Flush

It sounds like such a simple thing to want in a toilet, but it is hard to find when you buy or rent those standard portable toilets. At Porta John, we can help you by providing you with access to a fresh water flush system, one that is very easy to use and can be moved from place to place. For many people, having that level of flush available is critical.

How Does It Work?

When you need a flushing Comfort Station, take a look at our systems. We offer a variety of styles designed to fit most needs. These can be plumbed to your septic tank. They can also be plumbed right to a live sewer line or a holding tank. This allows for any configuration needed to be set up. There are no messy cleanup steps involved, and you do not have to worry about the complexities of having to manage dirty spaces.

What is more, they feature a fresh water flush. We can use a variety of sources for the flush. The most common option is to choose a fresh water flush from a garden hose.  A simple hose like this provides the water pressure necessary to provide a normal and expected flush action.

Expect Something Exceptional

If you want to make this experience even better, consider our executive portable toilets for sale. These are designed to provide you with an experience similar to what you may have when you visit a hotel room. Our executive portable toilets for sale are able to provide the standard and expected experiences, including with a flushing toilet, a sink with running water, and, if you need it, a shower as well. Imagine how easy it is to remain fresh and clean when you can have this setup onsite for your project or other needs.

There are no chemicals used in these systems. There are no steps to climb. There is no waste kept in the stall. This gives you the ability to count on a safe and effective system.

When you need a flushable portable toilet or the executive portable toilets for sale that we offer, give our team a call. At Porta John we can help set up a system that is highly reliable and functional, getting you set up to stay clean.

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