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Portable Showers

Portable Showers Can Provide Help After a Disaster

If you are facing damage from a storm or flooding, your goal is to be safe. Leaving your damaged home or dealing with a lack of plumbing for a few days or weeks can be hard to do. At Porta John we offer a variety of solutions that can help you. That includes portable showers. This can provide a significant improvement for your needs, giving you a way to get clean and remain sanitary with or without running water in place. How does it work?

Disaster Relief to Count On

One of the keys to purchasing our products is that you can easily choose the right type of setup for your needs. For some people, an Add A Bathroom is the perfect solution. You need a toilet, a sink, and a shower present to allow yourself and your family or employees to maintain your basic needs. You can invest in these very simple to use solutions.. There is no need to worry about excavation or any type of permanent fixture. The process is fast, too. If you need disaster relief quickly, we can help make that possible Level It – Plumb It – Use It.

Why This Is So Important

For many people, the use of portable showers really can make the difference in how they live and maintain their health after a disaster occurs. You may be faced with a number of challenges – including the inability to wash your hands after cleaning or the inability to wash away the dirt and germs from the day. With portable showers, you gain access to the fresh water you need to stay clean. That can give you not only the ability to maintain your health but also a sense of safety.

How to Get Started

If you are in need of disaster relief like this – or any time you have damage to your plumbing and cannot use your bathrooms – you can use this type of Add A Bathroom. The process is very easy – you can choose the setup that is right for you, contact our team, and we can deliver it to you. There is no complex setup needed, just a water source and a live sewer line, septic or holding tank, and you can start using it quickly. For those who are facing a long road to recovery, this type of solution can be ideal.

To learn more about our portable showers or any of the other solutions we offer, give our team a call. At Porta John® we understand how important it is for you to have the right tools to maintain your safety and sanity. Let our professionals offer the best restrooms and Add A Bathroom solution by Porta John. Give us a call for immediate help.

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