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Emergency Toilets.Com

We Can Make a Bad Time a Little Better
With  Sanitation Products That Are:
"Out-Standing in the Field"®

When you are really up against the trials and tribulations of a disaster that sets your life back a few steps, a good, clean, temporary lavatory may be the best part of a bad day.  That is what we are all about. 

Small Footprint For Storage

Assembles In 3 Minutes with No Tools

In the picture on the right 10 Completely Assembled Model FPT 300 Folding Portable Toilets can be stored in an 86" (2.2m) x 86" (2.2) x 86" (2.2m) space.

small storage footprint, 3 minute deployment,, fully assembled  in  storage, consumables included
toilet, events, sanitation, emergency, Olympics, disasters

The Model FPT 300 Folding Portable Toilet was the exclusive toilet of the 1996 Summer Olympic games and at over 100,000 events, as well as at natural and man-made disasters worldwide. Picture shows 10 Model FPT 300 units fully assembled in storage.  The model FPT 300 deploys in 3 minutes or less with no tools.  The Model FPT 300 is shown assembled at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia.

E-Mail:        1-800-521-6310

Ships Fully Assembled in the Folded Position 
Deploys in 3 Minutes 
No Tools Required
Limited One Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
Ships With a Starter Supply of Consumables


We were the exclusive sanitation manufacturer and service company for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia; Woodstock ‘99 in Rome, New York; Air Shows; the 2003 Phish Concert in Lewiston, Maine; the 2004 Phish Concert in Newport, Vermont; 15 years as the Sanitation Contractor for the New Orleans Mardi Gras; most natural disasters from 1973 to the present; plus over one hundred thousand smaller events over the last 45 years

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