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Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer and Hand Wash Solutions

One of the most important steps for many people today is access to a freshwater hand wash station to keep their hands clean. No matter if you are hosting an event or employing people at your location, it is critical to provide this type of access to cleanliness. It does not have to be hard to do so, though.  At Porta John we offer the mobile restroom solutions you need to keep people clean, and that means fewer  pathogens are going to travel between your employees or guests. If you are looking for reliable solutions, let us provide you with a few options.

Hand Sanitizer Solutions

One of the options many locations need to invest in, no matter if they have enough bathrooms or not, is sanitization. You need to be able to provide hand sanitizer to those who are visiting your location throughout their experience. We offer a variety of options for this. You can choose those designed to be mounted to a wall or those designed to be standalone setups. This can allow you to place them just about anywhere. Hand sanitizer does not have to be a complex setup when you use solutions like this.

Hand Wash Stations

We all know the importance of hand washing, not just keeping your hands clean through sanitizing. Any time possible, you should consider setting up hand wash stations. These are areas where someone can come to the designated area, wash their hands with running water, and dry them. Our team can help you to set up a hand wash station for just about any need you have.

Mobile Restrooms

Yet another option is a mobile restroom. You can set up this type of configuration just about anywhere. We offer a variety of styles and sizes for you to select from to ensure you have something that works for all needs. You can also count on working with our professionals to ensure you have a space that is handicap accessible as needed. A mobile restroom is designed to provide you with easy access to facilities, and easy to clean and maintain. Our solutions are more effective and easier to set up just about anywhere.

When you are ready to create a safe space for your visitors, let Porta John help you. With a range of options to meet most needs, including hand sanitizer and hand wash systems, you can count on creating the type of space people need to function in today’s world. Ask us about our mobile restroom solutions designed to fit just about any space, too. From short-term to long-term solutions, our team can help you every step of the way to create a clean, sanitary experience for your guests.

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