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Portable Shower Model SJS 139 


The Portable Shower Model SJS 139 is set up to be used daily or for emergencies.  Our portable shower can be plumbed to an existing hot water system.  The unit is portable and easy to move to where it is needed.

tankless, propane, hot water, portable shower,
Model SJS 139 Stand A Lone Shower

Dimensions: 44" x 44" x 89"    

The Model SJS 139 shower is manufactured on the Sani Jon® chassis and can be used daily or as an temporary shower and eyewash safety system.



The Model SJS 139 is shipped worldwide completely assembled.  Water source can be a garden hose or a water tank.  The waste water can be plumbed to our 300 gallon holding tank or to a sewer or septic tank.



The shower options are a 220v tankless hot water heater, a 300 gallon holding tank,

or a plastic retention tray.  

Shower/Change Room Model SCR 369
The Shower Change Room is designed to provide a comfortable shower that has the ability  to be used permanently but, at the same time, is portable enough to be relocated for  emergency use.
Dimensions:  60" x 83" x 41"   (1.52m x  2.11m x  1.04m)  
Multiple Stall Lavatory Buildings
Stall Choices:  Men's - Women's - ADA  Compliant - Unisex

We manufacture ground level sectional buildings that have multiple uses from command and control centers to lavatory stalls or shower stalls.  


Our ground level women's lavatory stalls can be utilized as both an ADA compliant and a Unisex lavatory stall.  Our lavatory buildings have a  4" steel frame with tine ports for mobility and 1" walls with waterless urinals for water savings.

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